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Why Is It Important To Have A Digital marketing agency in NZ?


Handling a business doesn’t come easy. Juggling finances, keeping up with clients and managing staff can be a real challenge.

On top of that, comes marketing. 

You’re aware that marketing is but necessary, but it gets deferred along the way as soon as other prior tasks come up. 

Like that thought-provoking LinkedIn post you were brainstorming for days. Or that blog you were supposed to publish a week ago. 

Yet, you can only devote attention to limited things at a time. 

The only cost you’re paying is that of lost opportunities, that you could’ve gotten had you given more thoughts to your marketing.

So, should you partner with a digital marketing agency in New Zealand? Keep reading to know.


How Does Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Auckland Help

Would you rather have someone do something for you, even if you can do it on your own?

Chances are yes, if you have reasons like these – 

  • They do it better than you
  • They can do it in lesser time
  • It costs lesser in making them do it

Us Kiwis follow a DIY approach to everything, and we should be proud of that. Our inventive spirit applies to various facets of our lives, including our homes, education and mostly, our businesses. 

However, making yourself familiar with things that could work in your business may not amount to actual experience. In fact, there are some business owners who’ve brushed through some Google courses and tutorials on YouTube and think they’re experts; that they can achieve great results by saving money and managing activities themselves. 

Digital marketing is no rocket science, but it does take great lengths to reach at a point where you can bring results. It means giving the time, patience and resources to get the return. 

As a business owner, the time you spend to do that would mean the time you’re not closing a sale, connecting with your clients or upscaling your business. The same is also true for your employees. The more time they work on marketing, the less time they’ll be left with for doing what were hired to do.

Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency NZ

Having an agency means having an extended team that could take care of your marketing. 

Here are some ways a digital marketing agency NZ can benefit your business.

Better than an In-House team

An in-house marketing team can be a single person handling everything. It can also imply a group or departments of separate resources in charge of their respective duties.

Whatever may be the case, it’s possible that your resources may have limited expertise. 

Agencies have an upper hand in this. They specialise in marketing and have different tools to leverage their operations, which would otherwise cost you a great fortune.

A digital marketing agency Auckland combines their knowledge of customer behaviour with their experience of handling media. 

Furthermore, you can invest in your project at a cost than having to churn out salaries every month for you in-house team.

Makes informed decisions on your behalf

The best part about collaborating with an agency is that you get to skip the guesswork. 

This includes optimising digital Ad campaigns, selecting the best performing keywords according to your industry. 

These agencies have experts who have a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t. 

By analysing your brand, they can suggest creative methods to achieve your goals faster and utilising lesser marketing budget.

However, as much as you’d love your agency to run things for you on autopilot, make sure they also keep you informed. Ask them how frequent they can have brief calls about your project (monthly or weekly) to track your progress.

Improve Your Branding Efforts

Investing in building your brand can take a great deal of time and money, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

If you delegate it to a digital marketing agency in New Zealand, you can ensure successful branding much faster and efficiently.

These agencies have brand experts that can bring invaluable experience and creativity to the table. This includes logo design, social media campaigns, website design & development, everything to engage your audience and increase revenue.

Agencies also ensure that your brand exudes a consistent, powerful image across all platforms. With the focus on user-centred branding, you get to connect better with your customers and address their concerns effectively.

This is how you start to stand out among your competition, improving customer relationships and establishing a valuable position in the market.

Better Time and Resource management

With an agency by your side, you’re not only saving money by not having to pay for a whole marketing staff in-house, but also saving on not having to invest in expensive marketing technologies. These tools and technologies generally make generating revenue and growth so much easier. 

And of course, it simply doesn’t make sense in a financial context for a single company to invest in these high-level technologies. 

These include SEMrush, Ubersuggest, among others that give valuable insights on your digital performance.

However, these tools are generally accessible to agencies as they use them for different projects. 

Having a digital marketing agency Auckland that already has all of the resources and training necessary to put your money to work for you from the start.

Data Analysis and Insights

Do numbers speak for themselves? Here’s an example.

A 4% CTR (Click-Through-Rate) may mean the world to a business, but some may take it as a decent start. 

On the other hand, a high bounce rate could raise an alarm. A low bounce rate would be the perfect way to describe your website’s doing perfect.

Every industry has its benchmarks and there are no fixed set of figures that can be labelled as worth achieving. 

For anyone who’s spent half a decade or more into analysing your industry in the digital landscape, they’d know what matters. 

A digital marketing company will perform a thorough analysis of your digital assets. These can be your website or social media accounts. 

Staying Ahead of Competition

You must have competitors in the same field, vying for the same audience and trying to sell similar products. 

With a digital marketing agency, you can get planned out strategies that will give a tough competition to your rivals.

These strategies include spotting your top competitors, how well they’re performing and any loopholes in their product/service offerings that you can use to your advantage.

Brand strategists, thus make a comprehensive plan on how you can gain a spot in the market and capture the same customers your competitors have secured.

Upgrade Your Marketing With Top Digital Marketing Agency in New Zealand

So, are digital marketing agencies worth it? Of course, if you find the right one. Digital marketing agencies are the first choice for many brands as they streamline marketing and performance on any scale. 

Before finding and consulting an agency, you will need to figure out your expectations from the project. Then, finding the agency that specialises in your specific needs is the one you can partner with.

For example, if you need a website, you won’t go to a social media marketing agency or ppc agency. Or better, an agency that can handle both with equal expertise. 

At The Tech Tales, we’re a digital marketing powerhouse based in New Zealand. As one of the fastest growing agencies, we’ve helped notable Kiwi brands for a decade. 

Not sure where to start? Book a free 30-min strategy call with us and we’ll provide you with a clear roadmap to your digital growth. 

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