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How To Choose The Best Seo Services In Auckland

SEO Services In Auckland

The right SEO agency can make or break your business.

In a sea of marketing agencies, it’s hard to choose the one that’ll do justice to your business, and your bank account (if only it were that easy…)

You could even fall prey to the tall claims that some agencies make. Some approach you with the promise of boosting your traffic overnight – which is too good to be true.

So, how do you find the right agency for SEO in Auckland that could help you reach Google’s top pages, generate qualified traffic, and drive sales?

With all the questions storming your mind, read on to learn more about what your future agency can deliver and what you can expect. 

This is a guide to choosing the right SEO agency that aligns with your needs and takes your business forward.

1. What is an SEO Agency 

An SEO agency is a consultancy of search engine optimization experts who work together  to get your website at the top of Google and other search engines. 

But it’s not just about visibility; they also have their eyes on the prize – revenue and conversions. 

By boosting your online presence, an SEO agency helps drive more qualified traffic to your website, ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth. 

So, when it comes to getting noticed and making an impact in the digital world, an SEO agency is the partner you need by your side.

2. Why Do You Need an SEO Agency?

Many companies prefer to keep in-house resources for SEO. While it may seem like the best thing to do, it has its own downsides.

The cost of hiring a newbie SEO consultant ranges from $5700 to $6500 a month. Despite this, they would lack all of the knowledge required to carry out a thorough SEO campaign. 

On the other hand, an agency that provides all of the services outlined above and many more for $2,500 to $5,000 per month is a good bargain.

Furthermore, an agency would never call in sick, demand special benefits, or spend time at your expense learning how to conduct SEO.

3. Qualities That Define the Best SEO Agencies 

SEO companies that stay at the top of their game seldom boast about it. Their presence in the industry, the client satisfaction they provide, and lastly, their results speak for themselves. 
Here are some of the redeeming qualities of an SEO company you can consider.

A. They Come With Experience 

When it comes to SEO service providers, many claim to be experts, but can they back up these claims with real experience? Ensure you do a little research before committing to a company or paying a retainer.

Back in 2012, Google launched the Penguin update specifically to target SEO companies that used black hat techniques. 

Unfortunately, there are still a few out there who continue to operate in the shadows.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a company that understands the current state of SEO, not some outdated link-building strategy that could permanently harm your website’s ranking.

A reliable SEO agency’s role goes beyond just basic services. They should help you implement tried and true strategies, navigate through search engine algorithm updates, and overcome tough competitors.

B.  They Don’t Shy Away From Showing Their Portfolio

Any SEO company’s previous clientele will give you an idea of who they work for and if their services correspond with your requirements. 

Find the best agencies in your area and look into their case studies, portfolios, and other resources. This will reveal enough information about what challenges they were faced with and how they overcame them.

You may also understand how they incorporate other services, such as pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and site design, with their SEO.

C. They Listen 

Any ideal agency would be more interested in providing personalised service than selling pre–made SEO packages. 

For custom Search engine optimisation services, they lend an attentive ear to your concerns. 

After thorough research and analysis, they come up with a flexible and tailored strategy that helps you achieve results at a stable pace over a period of time.

You also have a role to play here, and that is communicating your objectives. Ensure that you and your consultant are aligned when it comes to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

However, with an abundance of data available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the wrong KPIs. 

Therefore, it is essential to partner with an SEO firm that takes into account the metrics that are most relevant to your business. 

Here are some of the most significant KPIs.

Organic sessions: It’s the number of website visitors obtained through organic search. Additionally, you can examine other factors such as average page views, duration per visit, unique visitors, and bounce rate for a better understanding.

Keyword rankings: This assesses the keywords for which your website ranks and evaluates whether your rankings have improved since engaging the SEO firm.

Conversion rate: This determines the percentage of visitors who make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or engage with your content.

Google crawling mistakes: Google crawling involves systematically indexing your website’s content. If Google encounters difficulties reading your website, it will not index it effectively for search visibility, thereby negatively impacting organic traffic.

Page load time: Think with Google states that a one to five-second increase in page loading time correlates with a 90% increase in the bounce rate, indicating a rapid exit from your website.

D. They Take Their Work Seriously

Best SEO practices or nothing: is the one principle that reliable SEO agencies swear by.

They know that a lot of their clients may not have a good grasp of SEO concepts and the industry itself, but they choose not to take advantage of their client’s lack of knowledge.

Rather, such agencies guide them. They know how important it is to abide by the SEO bible i.e., search engine guidelines. 

While SEO experts can’t control search engine updates, they should be proactive in anticipating and adapting to guideline changes.

Steer clear of companies that promise easy or fast traffic. Any SEO agency that you choose to partner with must operate transparently and disclose any relevant information that can impact your business or website traffic.

E. They Keep You Posted

Tracking the performance of what’s been done is important. The agency you’ll be working with will know this well. 

Apart from sending you monthly or weekly reports, they might also give you access to  SEMRush, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics for measuring your KPIs.

But, what’s the point if you’re left with a bunch of data and don’t know what to do with it? 

You want to get most of the work off your plate that’s why you hired an agency in the first place. That’s precisely why you need an SEO specialist that is dedicated to maintaining effective communication and building trust.

4. Questions To Ask Before Choosing An SEO Company

Partnering with an SEO services provider is an investment that you need to think through. 

Here are some of the questions that will help you assess the competitiveness of any SEO enterprise.

A. What kind of SEO services do you offer?

SEO is not a single service, rather a combination of different services. It includes link building, blogger outreach, guest posting, content writing and marketing, and more.

It’s worth noting that not every SEO company offers all of these services, and not every company needs all of them.

Let’s say you’re looking for link building services. It wouldn’t make sense to choose an agency that specialises in content writing. 

So, it’s important to check if the company provides the specific SEO services that your business needs.

Now, if you think your SEO requirements may change from time to time, it’s best to find a scalable agency that offers all the services you might need. 

That way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of hiring different providers for different SEO needs.

B. How long have you been providing SEO services?

SEO bigshots have the edge over others when it comes to experience. However, this doesn’t mean that others don’t have the calibre to bring about transformative results.

The best SEO agency is the one you can afford. It also means that they deliver out of their way to contribute to your digital growth. 

Search for SEO agencies in your area and ask them what it’ll take to do your project. 

This will help you identify legitimate companies from scammers, as the latter neither have a consistent business history nor can their tall claims do a favour to your business.

C. How soon can you improve my SEO ranking?

Spoiler: No seo firm in Auckland can provide a definitive answer to this question. They have dive deep into specific issues with your website, and if that’s the case, so be it. 

A reliable SEO company will conduct a technical SEO audit to pinpoint why your site isn’t ranking well or not ranking at all on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Once they identify the areas where your site falls behind, they’ll develop an SEO strategy, often focusing on link building or keywords, to improve its ranking.

If your SEO partner’s response revolves around this context, you can trust their expertise. 

Conversely, if they fail to provide a convincing answer, don’t bother partnering with them.

D. Can you guarantee #1 Google ranking for my site?

The bitter truth is that no matter how big an SEO provider in Auckland is, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on the first pages of Google.

It’s practically impossible — think of the competition. There are already others ranking #1, and it took them a great deal of time and effort to reach there. You can’t topple them overnight. 

If you come across SEO firms that can guarantee top ranking, it’s nothing more than a ruse to rip you off.

The best an agency can do is use their knowledge and experience to develop SEO strategies and predict rankings on Google.

E. How often can I expect reports, and what metrics do you use?

A qualified SEO consultant keeps you updated on the adjustments they make to your site to optimise it for search engines. 

They provide you with information on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Some agencies may promise to track changes internally but refuse to provide you with transparency. 

It’s no use if you’re spending a great deal on an agency that cannot even be honest with you.

F. How do you measure success in SEO?

What does success mean to you? Well, an increase in web traffic, improved social engagement, or boosted ranking. 

Yet, the real success of SEO efforts is measured on the ROI – i.e. the conversions.

When your visitors become your customers and you generate more revenue, that’s when you can tell SEO is working. This is the success that matters to you.

If an agency is beating around the bush or fails to give a specific answer, let us tell you they’re not worth your time and money. Give a chance to better and more adept SEO professionals.

G. Do you fix penalised sites?

Google has billions of websites which get delisted or penalised everyday. It doesn’t mean all are to blame. Some fall prey to algorithm penalisation, while others succumb to manual delisting. 

Google algorithms change like weather; they’re unpredictable. Websites that don’t keep up with these algorithms face increased risk of penalisation. 

On the other hand, manual delisting is when Google Webmaster’s team detects a website that is not up to standards or is blatantly violating its terms.

Whether intentional or unintentional, a trusted SEO incorporation can help you break free from penalisation with their tried and tested techniques.

H. Do you outsource SEO projects?

That’s a big no. 

Some agencies may outsource or delegate your project to a freelancer or other boutique SEO agency to get things off their plate. It usually happens when they’re understaffed.

But why should you bear the consequences?

Outsourcing can compromise the quality of your results, and it raises questions about an agency’s integrity. 

Make sure you know what resources in the agency would be dedicated to handling your project alone.

I. What’s your pricing structure?

There’s no fixed price in the industry for a particular service in SEO. 

Every agency has a different way of charging for its services. While some may charge a fixed rate for guest blogging, others may charge something else for link building.

It’s convenient for some companies to charge through a package or charge by the hour. Go with whatever suits you the most, as long as it brings results.

Just make sure there is no room for hidden charges or fees, especially if it falls outside of your budget. You deserve one of the best SEO companies in Auckland that is at least transparent.

5. Wrapping Up

Scouting the best seo services in auckland can be a bummer, but when you land on the right one, it only gets better from there. 

At The Tech Tales, we provide comprehensive SEO services to Kiwi businesses. Whether you need more website traffic or increased engagement, we’ll bring the ROI to the table. 

With our proven SEO expertise over the past 12 years, we’ve provided exceptional results to our clientele and helped them propel their businesses. 

Ready to get the digital growth you deserve? Get in touch with us, and we will be right at your service!

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