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Website Devlopment

71% of businesses in the world already have a website. What’s your excuse?

When it comes to getting business online, the benefits of website still go beyond a strong social media presence or years of traditional marketing.

A website is your digital contact card, your personal sales assistant, and a powerful marketing tool. Whichever way you use it, it will pay off for itself with increased online reach and recurring revenue.

All you need is a highly functional, customer-centric website that speaks volumes for your business.

Get a website from the leading Website Design Company in New Zealand, with over 15 years of experience in web development and handling 2k+ projects over the world.

We’re all about improving your user experience and elevating your ROI through creative & highly advanced web development solutions.

Explore our website development and UX Design services in New Zealand and make the most of your business.

Web Technologies we love working on

Our team of highly efficient engineers love working on various coding languages that includes Node, Angular, React, Laravel, MongoDB, HTML5, PHP, ASP.NET and Wordpress. As far as the front-end technologies are concerned we undertake CSS3, Magento, CMS and object modeling.

Web Development Services In Auckland

  • Custom Website Development

    A customised website solution for your brand, is an example of bespoke web development. It allows you to create a one-of-a-kind website. Unlike a predefined template that lacks the uniqueness of your brand and has limited functionality, a custom website is great for branding and works well with complex websites like eCommerce.
    As a Web Development Agency in New Zealand of seasoned web developers, we can craft a B2B eCommerce, content-centric platform, or Shopify business. No templates - our pinky promise!

  • PHP Development

    PHP is compatible with all operating systems, has great flexibility, and is CMS-friendly. With our scalable and end-to-end PHP development, our strong grasp of coding will take your business to new heights.
    PHP is one of the world's best open source frameworks, built on strong design patterns and engineering principles to provide you optimum productivity - an ideal choice for building an advanced website.

  • eCommerce Development

    eCommerce is a virtual store that manages your online inventory, lets your customers select products and check out within the same platform in a matter of minutes.
    Our comprehensive understanding of eCommerce will help you get an unbeatable website that will not only delight your current customers, but also attract new ones.
    Our team is certified in eCommerce website development and brings your design to life with responsive and custom functionality. From private app development to custom extension development with third-party tools, we help you get the most out of your existing technology stack.

  • CMS

    Content management systems are platforms that enable website owners to present, publish, edit, and modify website content from a centralised interface. A CMS like WordPress and Drupal makes it easy to manage a website by providing direct access to the website's content.
    There’s no technical skill required to manage a CMS, and CMS-based dynamic websites are faster than static websites as they are database-driven.
    The Tech Tales offers tailored CMS solutions to individuals and businesses to meet their specific business requirements. Our team spends time communicating with each client to ensure that we fully understand their needs and specifications. We also give you a quick introduction to the new CMS to eliminate confusion and ensure your comfort with the new system.

  • Laravel Development

    Want a website in Laravel framework? Consider it done. Our team of Top Website Developers in New Zealand are experts in Laravel web development. Whether you’ve an ERP or a custom website, our team will maintain the highest development standards and align it with your brand’s persona.
    The goal of a Laravel website is to create a secure, scalable, and maintainable web application. With an excellent user experience, optimised performance, and exceptional compatibility with external services, Laravel is the best platform for your e-commerce, content management, or community engagement.

  • WordPress Development

    Our Website Design Company in New Zealand handle both off-page and on-page WordPress development smoothly. At The Tech Tales, we’ve a solid expertise in developing WordPress websites, having dealt with a vast customer base ranging from small business startups to major companies.
    Instead of pre-defined templates we make customised themes and plugins from scratch for your WordPress website to ensure maximum functionality.

  • Nodejs Development

    As a leading Node JS web development company, we develop feature-rich, high-performance, and scalable web applications. We’re always ready to create Node js server-side applications and backend solutions, thanks to our up-to-date knowledge and advanced skill set in Node js development.
    We are your go-to Node.js development company if you need to migrate your existing backend system to NodeJS or if you want a powerful Node.js API.
    Our Node js application development services are designed to maximise efficiency on both the server and client sides. With event-driven and asynchronous APIs as a Node js app development company to create real-time web, mobile, and desktop applications, IoT, stock trading applications, and more.

  • Angular Development

    Angular development services are well-known for their scalability, flexibility, and ease of ASP.NET MVC implementation. We are one of the most preferred Angular development companies that can assist you in effectively developing dynamic front ends for online and mobile.
    To create real-time apps, our AngularJS engineers are proficient in MVC, standard DOM, and two-way data binding. Not only that, but we have successfully serviced clients of various shapes and sizes all over the world and established our name as a pioneering Angular development company.

  • MongoDB

    MongoDB is a powerful and advanced NoSQL and document database that is used to build next-generation, scalable, and high-tech business applications.
    The Tech Tales employs an agile methodology for MongoDB development services in order to provide clients with a faster time to value, fantastic software quality, and flexibility. Our expertise does justice to your website’s functionality and design, thus achieving your goal in no time.
    From primary development of prototypes to designing system architecture and deployment, our skilled team of MongoDB developers ensure minimum default and maximum satisfaction.

  • Python Development

    Python programming power for scalable and dependable corporate applications. Python web development using Django, Flask, and Tornado. Get Python programmes for Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning.
    We are a Python programming business that is talented, resourceful, and agile. Python is used for web development, machine learning, CMS portals, and mobile application development. Our team of Python enthusiasts and project managers has over 15 years of expertise with scalable and strong Python web development.
    We provide end-to-end Python development services, from app concept to support and maintenance, so you don't have to go elsewhere.

  • Shopify Development

    Shopify is a unique eCommerce platform wherein you can build an online store that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for your business.
    Our Shopify development team analyses your particular company needs and then creates a website that helps you capture more traffic, generate more cash, and give a superior online experience to your consumers.
    Want to promote your Shopify website over Social Media? Explore our services as the top Social Media Marketing Agency in Auckland.

  • Magento Ecommerce Development

    Magento is a renowned eCommerce platform that is best recognised for its ability to create an innovative, scalable, and adaptable online retail platform. It is an ideal open-source platform for businesses to create a profitable eCommerce platform while meeting the needs of their target clients. We provide end-to-end Magento eCommerce development services to provide a low-cost platform with quality, future upgrades, and low maintenance expenses.

Prioritising Experiences Over Anything

Why choose The Tech Tales for your website development

  • creative idea generation
    Innovation in every solution

    Because of our great passion for innovation and creativity, we are an excellent digital marketing and web development partner. We are continually looking for innovative ways to increase our clients' profits through the optimised development of websites.

  • investment return icon
    Excellent return on investment

    Working with us offers significant cost savings for your company. As one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in New Zealand, our solutions are designed to deliver maximum returns through engaging users and deploying the latest technologies. Our experts leave no stone unturned in order to maximise the value of every dollar invested in the project.

  • digital service providers icon
    All resources under one roof

    We are a full-service digital marketing agency with a wide range of services to offer. Our CMS development, e-commerce development, SEM, SMO, and SEO Services in New Zealand are just a few of the services we provide.

  • quality assurance
    Premium services guaranteed

    We provide unrivalled quality and never supply solutions or services before thoroughly testing them. We have a strict quality control mechanism in place to ensure that anything we offer meets our clients' expectations.

  • customer care
    Consistent Customer Service

    We have a customer care team that works around the clock to ensure that we are in constant connection with our prospective and present clients. You can contact us any time with questions about our services, to discuss new projects, or to enquire about the progress of a current project.

  • professional skils icon
    Chosen Professionals

    We’ve been in web development for more than a decade and we know what brings results. With our collective efforts, we bring your website to life with best development practices in the industry. For us, it’s all about what adds value for your business. We’re a hoax-free team of experts, that delivers results as promised.

Our Website Development Process

Behind every successful website, there's strategic planning. This is our process for handcrafting the perfect website for your business.

  • 01

    Gathering Information

    Our dedicated account manager gets into the nitty gritty of your requirements, like the purpose of creating a website, your target audience, your end-goals and so on. After a careful analysis, we select the best technology for your website (like WordPress, PHP) and suggest it for its development.

  • 02

    Strategic planning

    The goal is to determine the optimal design style for your website. We do this by developing a scope of work, that includes conducting research on your audience, and then making a sitemap for your website's main offerings and sub-offerings. Every minute yet significant details of the project are included in this step.

  • 03

    Designing Page Layouts & prototypes

    In this stage, the website gains its visual form. All elements like content, images, the logo, brand colours, and call to actions are assembled in a wireframe or a mockup, which gives you an idea of what your website and its basic functions will look like. Then, you can inspect the layout and provide suggestions for the existing prototype. Modifications will be made until you are satisfied with the final design.

  • 04


    At this step, your website will be given functionality. Graphic components created during earlier phases will be utilised to construct your real website in accordance with the approved sitemap. Frameworks and CMS will be integrated on the server to install and set up everything without any problems.

  • 05


    The testing process begins here. We check every page thoroughly to ensure that all links work and the website displays properly in different browsers. This is done in accordance with the mockup that we created in the third step for checking consistency and pruning errors in the final website.

  • 06

    Distribution and launch

    After your approval, we prepare to launch the website. The site is run one last time to ensure that all files have been uploaded correctly and that it is fully functional. In addition, the website domain is registered, and web hosting accounts are established.

  • 07


    Once the website is up, it requires some ongoing maintenance. We ensure user testing to improve usability and discoverability. All of this might result in additional design and development responsibilities.

So, What’s Stopping You?

If you think you have enough reasons to delay your website development, it will only result in missed sales opportunities. Now’s your chance to get a website for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of website will be good for me?+
    No two businesses can be the same. Hence their web development would vary. After having a good understanding of your business, our marketing experts will pull every string to develop an interface that resonates with your audience. After that, we will come up with a technology that is best suited for you - for example, a WordPress website, PHP, Magento or Laravel. Each technology has its own features, which will be compared with your required functionality.

    For example, WordPress is great for blogs, news portals, and small to medium-sized online stores. Laravel is a better solution for large eCommerce websites, complex web apps, complicated backend systems, and another type of typically custom-made product design.
  • Why should I trust The Tech Tales for my web development? +
    We could have easily said that you may need so-and-so technology and so-and-so budget for a website to ease our burden, but we are not like that. After getting to know your business inside and out, we put forth the most feasible strategy possible, so it turns out to be of benefit to you in the long run. And as a website development company prefered by brands in NZ as well as abroad, we value your satisfaction over anything, be assured of your results, or we won’t be expecting you to pay us.
  • How much does it cost to develop a website? +
    We agree you are curious, but website development isn’t like grocery shopping. It will depend on your requirements and the level of customization you’re looking for. Every element and aspect has a different contribution to making a website that decides the price. We offer you the best price in return for a website that will recover the cost within some months by generating as many leads as you want. You may want to get ecommerce development, shopify development or custom website development done, and we’ll provide you with that with the best features.
  • I already have a website. Could you revamp it? +
    Yes, we are a Website Development Company in Auckland that can work with your existing CMS or PHP website, provided that it is already compatible with marketing parameters and is best according to your industry standards. If you want your website to have a *fresh look*, we’ll be glad to help. You will just have to hand over the old website, and we’ll wave our magic wand.
  • What are the best website development services you offer? +
    As one of the Top Web Development Companies in New Zealand we offer a complete range of website development and designing solutions for businesses of various backgrounds and industries. Whether you want to build a custom app for e-commerce, food delivery, tech, or lifestyle, we are the right fit for website development for you. Further, we are involved in the overall process of covering all your digital needs.
  • What is SEO? Is it important for my website? +
    Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing your website’s visibility when people search for the services/products that you provide. It is really important for your website, as it makes it easily discoverable and attracts more conversions online. When you have more conversions, you have more traffic and thus more sales. Also, SEO Services in New Zealand are not a one-time investment, but rather a recurring activity because search results keep changing frequently. Every website that we design is SEO friendly and can be optimised to gain more traffic.