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Custom Web Development: How To Make Websites That Stand Apart 

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We bet you don’t want your website to look like your competitor’s knock-off.

Perhaps you didn’t think of that when you got your website made. The only priority was to get it designed and push it live. But now that the ship has sailed, you still think it could do better.

Let us tell you, it can. With a custom developed website, you get the best of design and functionality – having every element is programmed to reflect your business.

The best part is that you get to design the website on your whims – forget about themes, you can even add animations to your website. All of this is possible with custom website development. 

Although custom web developing solutions are on the rise now since every business wants to be unique, a custom website comes with a price tag. 

To know if a custom website is the right match for your business needs, read on to discover more about custom website development.


1. What is Custom Web Development

Custom web development is a personalised solution for your brand that is designed by keeping your business objective, product, or services in mind. It enables you to have a unique website.

Apart from the design component of the website, a distinctive website also incorporates several capabilities designed to be as effective as possible, to aid rather than hinder your company goals.

2. Custom Web Development vs. Template Websites

So, why would you want a personalised website that will be designed from scratch while you could get a decent premade template at lower the cost and hassle? We’ll tell you how.

We all go shopping. Most of us hit the mall for ready-made clothes. If we don’t like anything, we tend to return empty handed. 

Sometimes, we don’t like the colours. Other times, the style doesn’t match our taste. And a lot of times, we don’t even get the perfect size. 

But do we stop buying clothes? No. We look for more options or make peace with what’s available. Often, these clothes don’t reflect our personality and we miss out on looking stylish.

Celebrities, on the other hand, have the luxury of wearing custom clothing. Everything from their desired colour to the choice of fabric is personalised. This is why they look flawless at events and in movies. 

The same is true for websites. 

Many businesses have a template-based site that does the bare minimum. To be genuinely honest, there’s nothing wrong with such websites. 

Most of the time, they’re easy to use, time-saving, and inexpensive solutions. Custom web design in Auckland helps you stand out and deliver a better user experience – and what you choose depends on your business.

Here’s a simple breakdown that will help you decide:

Factors to considerCustom WebsiteReady-Made Templates
AppearanceUnique design that is incorporated through your ideas and inputs to truly reflect your brand.Generic design appearance that lacks the uniqueness of your brand/business/product.
FunctionalityFlexibility to incorporate specific features & functionalities based on your business needs.Predefined features, limiting customization options.
ScalabilityHighly scalable, allowing easy expansion and integration of new features as your business growsLimited template customization options, making it difficult to go beyond the template design.
BrandingEnable stronger branding opportunities by aligning the design, layout, and content specifically to your brandLack the same level of brand consistency and uniqueness.
SEOCustom built websites adhere to SEO rules and help you stay on top of search rankings.Template-based websites are not search engine friendly. They require further SEO optimisation.
CompatibilityThe website is made and tested to work on all devices smoothly.The website may not work 100% on all devices.
CostCustom web design pricing may include higher upfront costs that are worth it in the long run, given the benefits it providesCost-effective solutions with lower initial investment but may have additional costs for customization

3. Benefits of Custom Development 

Custom development goes beyond an attractive design. Besides making your website look pretty, personalised development adds more to your site:

A. Branding

In a sea of similar-looking premade templates, standing out as an original is crucial for gaining attention and establishing professionalism and trustworthiness. 

Custom web development allows for unique corporate branding, which is essential for growing your reputation in the industry. 

With complete control over the design and functionality, you can create a website tailored to your audience’s preferences and optimise for conversions.

B. Great long-term investment

While custom website development may involve higher initial costs compared to templates, it offers a significant long-term investment. 

Custom solutions easily scale as your business grows, ensuring adaptability to your evolving requirements. 

With a personalised development approach, custom solutions deliver a higher return on investment (ROI) and remove unnecessary fluff while maintaining functionality and performance.

C. Great for complex websites

Using simple templates for complex websites can lead to sluggish performance due to excessive plugins and content. 

Custom solutions optimise functionality, allowing you to integrate well-known solutions without compromising speed and performance. 

By leveraging API microservices, costs can be reduced while maintaining efficiency.

D. Immersive user experience

A website tells customers what it does. A good website tells them how it can solve their problems. 

With a website tailored to your ideal customers, optimised for various devices and browsers, and delivering exceptional speed, you provide an outstanding user experience.

An improved user experience positively influences consumer choices, setting you apart from competitors and boosting customer satisfaction.


Many templates are not designed with performance and speed in mind, requiring regular maintenance for optimal performance. 

Custom web development builds websites from scratch, prioritising performance and user experience. 

This approach improves search engine rankings by delivering a fast, user-friendly website across desktop and mobile devices, enhancing visibility, and attracting potential customers.

4. Is Custom Web Development Right For You?

A personalised website surely plays its part – unique designs, high scalability, and flawless customisation. While it has the best to offer, it may not be a go-to solution for everyone.

A. Business goals

If you simply need a website to provide information about your business, a template-based website can suffice. However, if you require a more sophisticated website with specific functionalities, opting for a custom website would be the wiser choice. 

For example, if you have a local grocery store, a simple website would do. For an enhanced eCommerce grocery website with SEO integrations, reviews, and ratings, you’ll need a custom approach. 

You may also consider consulting with a professional web development company to guide you in selecting the appropriate approach for your business website.

B. Budget

The cost of developing a website varies based on factors such as tech stacks, features, and web development services required. Hence, it is crucial to establish your budget before choosing an approach. 

Depending on your financial resources, you can decide between custom-built and template-based websites. 

C. Requirements

If you have complex needs and require a wide range of functionalities, creating a website from scratch is the recommended option. 

Template-based websites typically offer limited functionalities and may not be flexible enough to accommodate more intricate requirements.

5.  Beyond Templates: The Power of Custom Web Development for Unique and Engaging Websites 

Don’t want a short-cut website that does zero to little favours to your branding? Get a custom website that reflects your business’ values in the best way possible.

With a leading custom website designing company in New Zealand, expect to get a website that turns out to be as good in reality as you thought it would be. 

At The Tech Tales, we have a team of seasoned website designers and developers that can make pixel perfect websites for your business. 

Prior to launching, we recommend industry-relevant platforms and test your site on all devices. With a custom built website, you get comprehensive support and SEO compatibility for your business. 
Contact us to get the website you’ve always wanted.

6. FAQ’s 

  1. What is custom web development?

Custom web development is the process of creating a website tailored specifically to your unique needs and requirements, offering complete control over design, functionality, and the user experience.

  1. Why use custom web development?
    Custom web design in Auckland gives you more advantages over template based websites that align perfectly with your business goals, such as enhanced flexibility, security, and unique branding.
  1. How do I create a custom website?

To create a custom website, start by defining your requirements and goals. Then, hire a custom website developer or agency experienced in custom development to bring your vision to life using coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

  1. What are some Custom web development tools I can use?

Frameworks like Laravel, WordPress, PHP, Django, and AngularJS offer robust features and functionality to streamline the development process and create powerful custom websites.

  1. How to choose the best custom website design company in New Zealand?

When searching for the best custom website designing company, consider their expertise, portfolio, client reviews, and their ability to understand and deliver on your specific needs. Look for an agency that combines creativity, technical skills, and a track record of successful projects.

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