Full-Stack Custom Web Development In NZ

The Tech Tales is a nimble custom web development company in Auckland that brings 15 years of expertise and enviable success to your business.

Custom Web Development Services At Your Disposal

Say goodbye to recycled, boring, and hackneyed templates once and for all. It’s time to rejoice in some personalization!

Custom web development is more than just creating a website with the latest trends and putting it on the world wide web - it is a process of studying the client's business, its functioning, and its needs, and then creating a robust website that is efficient enough to bring you business from your online customer base.

User-centred, visually appealing, and goal-oriented is all you want your website to be, but we’re just getting started. With a leading web development agency in Auckland, you can sit back while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Web application development is essential for giving your online presence a professional feel, which in turn improves the efficacy and profitability of your organisation.

We, as a custom web development company in New Zealand, cater to thousands of businesses and their digital needs all across the world. We adhere to Google's developer guidelines.

Along with our domain expertise, we have been working to help startups and businesses of varied industries develop B2B and B2C web solutions. Our full-time custom web app developers have been doing their best to successfully deliver the projects to the clients.

Why Choose Custom Web Development Over Anything Else

While it may seem convenient to pick pre-made templates, for your business website, it can easily do more damage than good. For some businesses that want to keep up with the appearances, templates are simple, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions.

But you end up with a generic design that lacks the ability to display the originality of your brand, business, or product. And you'll be limited to template customization possibilities, or a lack thereof, which means you won't be able to accomplish much beyond the mould (template) you're given (both in design and functionality).

The question is, is that a risk you’d want to take? Of course not.

There are no hacks to a good design, especially one that stays in the mind of your users. Luckily for us, our custom website developer team doesn’t throw random templates around to finish the job. Our knack for personalisation will deliver tailored solutions to your website.

Yes, we do our homework. Based on the nature of the industry and your target audience, our UX & UI developers create a framework for your website that actually performs, while our developers create the content.

Custom Web Development Benefits

If you’re confused about getting started with custom development or custom web design Auckland, here’s what you need to know about it.

  • Helps With Your Branding

    Custom solutions provide additional room for unique corporate branding, which is a critical step in establishing your organisation.

  • Ease Of Management

    With a custom web development solution, you have complete control over the design– So, create a website that's totally tailored to your and your audience's preferences.

  • Long-term investment

    As your company expands, your web developers will be able to effortlessly scale the existing website or web app. Custom web solutions provide a substantially greater ROI.

  • Excellent for complicated websites

    Custom solutions enable you to remove unnecessary material while maintaining functionality. You may minimise expenses with the expanding API microservices ecosystem.

  • Excellent user experience

    Provide an outstanding user experience to your visitors by designing a website that is ideal, operates wonderfully & is lightning fast.

  • SEO

    Google favours bespoke websites! If you want your website to rank higher, it must be speedy with a good user experience.

What Do We Offer in Our Custom Website Development?

Our choice of technologies for custom web development encompasses scalable, feature-rich, & multi-functional website development services that are user and SEO-friendly. We use the following to create wonders on your website:

  • Custom WordPress Development

    Technically, it refers to all aspects such as theme customization, JavaScript, and CSS. We provide our clients with consulting services as well as thorough WordPress modifications.

  • CMS Website Design

    A tailored content management system can help you save money on website upkeep. Our top website development services will allow you to alter the content of your website on a regular basis using a cost-effective and personalised CMS.

  • Custom PHP Development

    It is a robust open-source content management system built on the MVC Framework that can publish material to both the internet and intranets. Make the most of it by utilising our website creation services.

  • Custom NodeJS Development

    It is an open source development platform that is used to execute JavaScript code on the server side. Develop applications that demand a good connection from the browser to the server using our website development services.

  • Personalized CodeIgniter Development

    It is an open-source PHP MVC framework that is quick, lightweight, and takes the least amount of configuration to get up and running. Use our powerful website development services to construct dynamic and user-friendly websites.

  • Custom Laravel Applications

    It is a free, open source PHP web framework that is used to create amazing online applications. It is utilised to simplify typical chores in web projects; obtain this service from our website development business in Delhi.

  • AngularJS Programming

    It is also an open source front-end web framework for dynamic web apps that is built on JavaScript. Create responsive websites with AngularJS development with our excellent website development services.

  • VueJS Development

    It is one of the world's most commonly used software technologies. It is a UI development framework written in JavaScript. With our website creation services, we construct excellent websites while keeping in mind the multiple benefits you may derive from them.

  • ReactJS

    It is a JavaScript library that is used to create user interfaces. We recommend it because of its versatility and efficiency. With our website creation services, you can create your own website.

Industries We Serve

We’ve offered services to customers in a range of verticals, including retail, healthcare, finance, travel, and more, to develop highly accessible and robust online apps. Here is a list of sectors that we work on to cater to the services of the clients-

  • Tourism and hospitality

    Many of our clients benefit from our web development solutions, such as AR navigation, ERP and e-ticketing systems, virtual tours, and payment gateways.

  • Finance

    The finance industry has profited the most from the advancement of digital technology. We can provide apps such as cryptocurrency wallet apps, asset management apps, and so on.

  • Real Estate

    We value the clients you have, and we help you connect better with them through personalized web development solutions in real estate.

  • Healthcare

    To maintain the highest level of data security, our web development solutions adhere to HIPAA rules such as PACS/HIE APIs and claim adjustment.

  • Education & Learning

    We have our hands on in the education sector and are ready to assist your company with knowledge-based apps, 3D book reading apps, and LMSs.

  • Retail

    We create web app solutions such as real-time chatbots, custom eCommerce development services, shopping portals, and so on to improve clients' online buying experiences.

  • Legal

    You can benefit from online inquiries and leads through a well built custom website for your law firm. We have catered to user-friendly websites that bolster your professional relationship with your clientele.

  • Entertainment

    We have successfully provided excellent service to the media and entertainment industries through AI chatbots, video streaming, CRM, and brand management.

The Tech Tales - Your Expert Custom Web Development Agency

Throughout our consolidated experience of 25 years in custom web development, we have made a name for ourselves by serving our clients with best-in-class services tailored to their requirements.
  • Comprehensive Analysis

    We delve deep into your requirements and provide the finest web app development solutions by conducting the necessary analysis.

  • Well-Designed Web App

    The web design team stays current on app design trends and assists in the creation of robust online solutions while also increasing corporate revenues.

  • Design First, Then Code

    Our UX & UI designers create a custom prototype of your new website for you to easily offer feedback. Once approved, we code it into a high-performance WordPress site.

  • Unique Designs, Always

    Ditch boring stock templates. Get a one-of-a-kind, mobile-friendly, customised website that actually performs for you.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    To ensure that you are in the loop with the development activities, we assign you a dedicated account manager who keeps you informed about your project’s progress on a weekly basis.

  • Regular Website Audit

    Our staff provides regular updates on the projects that are being worked on by phone, Skype, mail, and other means.

  • Advanced Security in Visual Graphic Design

    As a prominent website development company in Auckland, we strive to implement modern security procedures to ensure that our online applications are entirely safe.

  • High Efficiency

    As the need for fast-running web apps grows, our team focuses on creating applications that function smoothly and quickly. Hailing from extensive development backgrounds, we understand technology like no other agency does.

  • Global Clientele

    We are a custom website designing company that is touted by our clientele all across the globe for the turnkey solutions we have provided. We won’t mind if you take a look at them or even have a word with them, which will help you make your decision.

Our Website Development Process

Take a sneak peek at our secret mantra for a successful website design.

  • 01


    When you approach us for a website design job, we will spend time learning about your product or service. We examine your company's strategy to see where it fits in the market. We do competitive research and develop a digital marketing plan for your company.

  • 02

    Strategic planning

    The goal is to determine the optimal design style for your website. We do this by developing a scope of work, that includes conducting research on your audience, and then making a sitemap for your website's main offerings and sub-offerings. Every minute yet significant details of the project are included in this step.

  • 03

    Mockup And Initial Design

    We begin work on the original website design and construct a homepage prototype for your website after we have established your needs. The design of your homepage shows how your website's navigation will work and how the different parts of your site will connect. It defines the general design of your website's layout.

  • 04

    Creating a Website

    At this step, your website will be given functionality. Graphic components created during earlier phases will be utilised to construct your real website in accordance with the approved sitemap. Frameworks and CMS will be integrated on the server to install and set up everything without any problems.

  • 05


    Finally, the website is launched, and all files are uploaded to the hosting server. The website is now online and ready to work for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Custom web development? +

    Custom web development is the process of constructing a one-of-a-kind website for a business. You may engage a web developer to create a personalised website that meets your specific needs. A customised website, as opposed to using a pre-built template for your site, is made exclusively for you. It has distinct characteristics and an unusual look.
  • Do you offer website maintenance and support services once web construction is completed? +

    Yes, once a website has been developed, we provide maintenance and support services. A website cannot stay up with the ever-changing world of the web unless it is constantly developed. The first month is free. During this period, we will fix any issues that arise following deployment.
  • Why should I choose The Tech Tales for Custom Web Development? +

    The Tech Tales is one of Auckland’s leading web development firms. We have recognised our web development firm for providing the best digital services to clients all around the world. Web development costs and time are both reduced.
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