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We’ve been in this industry for the past 15 years and we’ve seen a lot. We’re even prepared for what the future has in store for you, and this is a hailstorm of opportunities, growth avenues and who knows, skyrocketed revenues!

Having a consolidated experience of 50+ years gives us a competitive advantage in many ways, but nothing exceeds our passion for ditching the ordinary. Our creative pursuit is a result of our deep-rooted hard work, values, the knack of knowledge and simply, just the hunger of doing better, everytime.

We know that only one thing has made it possible - our focus towards your needs. During this journey, we have also managed to notch up several industry affiliations with well-known companies.

We have executed over 500+ projects till date - which range from tailored solutions for SME’s to spectacularly carried-out campaigns for big conglomerates. We don’t intend to slow down and will continue to add key projects in our journey. With every significant achievement, we aim at making our clients smile through our skills.

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Swearing By Excellence Every Day

The Tech Tales is our home, business base, and your brand launchpad. We use our award-winning expertise, industry-leading strategy, and innovation to elevate and highlight our clients while adding value to their business.

Clients both nationally and globally value The Tech Tales’ innovative and competitive approach to marketing, public relations, content production, and social media.

The Tech Tales garners a great deal of positive validation from emerging SME’s, large conglomerates and even government bodies for its attention to detail, well-researched insights and actionable results.

We don’t just make for your go-to marketing agency, but a consummate team of adept individuals that collaborate to generate revenue-generating & consumer-engaging marketing services that are a boon for your business.