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In website development, the most important step is to get a web design for your site. Website design is a process focusing on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface, and other visual elements. It all boils down to making a web design that is visually appealing and, at the same time, easy to use.

Now you may ask, "Why does it matter?"

Well, nobody likes an unorganised desk, shelves or even a website. A well-structured and clear website not only increases traffic but also helps your visitors understand your business or product. By combining text, images, and sometimes animations, website design results in a better user experience and helps your business reach more clients.

But web design is simply more than just the “look and feel” of your website. It means how easy it is for people to find their way around your website, how well it engages them, and how well it works with the technologies you want to use.

This is why your website design can make or break your website. And if that’s a chance you’d want to take, let us spill a secret.

“94% of first impressions relate to your site's website designing!”

And to top it off,

“59% of people prefer browsing 'beautiful and well-designed' sites than basic ones”

Thus, we know what it takes to build a website that not only turns heads but also pays off your investment. As a leading Website Design Company in Auckland, we’ve an experience of 15 years in web development and creative design.

With a cohesive force of seasoned web designers on our team, we’ve cracked the code of website design for you: immersive graphics incorporated into a user-friendly setting that helps you stand out from the crowd

Our Turn-key Design Solutions

  • Custom Website Designing

    When it comes to website designing services, be prepared to challenge the ordinary as templates are done away with. There are a bunch of websites that provide the same hackneyed offers, are built on the same design, and have the same tone. But building a custom website from scratch is your perfect rescue. We merge our website-design expertise with creativity to build an immaculate website, so you don’t have to. On top of that, you will get a 100% dynamic website with a fully custom design, which means you have the freedom to choose the elements, suggest changes, and collaborate with our website designers.

  • Website Redesign

    We have nearly 25 years of experience in web design, which is more than most other web designers have. The Tech Tales is one of the Best UI/UX design agency in New Zealand that offers premium website redesign services to those who think their websites could do better. With that room for improvement, we can give your website a clean and appealing makeover. We actively work to stay on top of current technology, and with a solid understanding of how the web works, we provide pixel-perfect UI and UX experiences for your customers.

  • Landing Page Design

    Landing pages design is purposefully created to generate leads and support online campaigns. This is why special emphasis must be placed on developing a landing page that connects with your users like it should, and doesn’t give them second thoughts about going to your competitors. With that being said, a perfect landing page acts like your salesperson, who works 24/7, never gets tired or calls in sick, and works even on holidays. The Tech Tales is a top Website Design Company in Auckland that develops your landing pages with the best UI and UX practices, while integrating the right call-to-actions to induce sales.

  • eCommerce Website Design

    eCommerce is a website that acts like your virtual store, and your end-users will come there to buy your products or services. With an eCommerce website design, you are saving your customers the trip to local grocery stores. Yes, with an eCommerce, it is all gains and less pains. The Tech Tales’ experienced eCommerce designers have delivered class-apart websites for almost 15 years, that are still in business and nailing it. Don’t wait for yours, though. We’ll design a stunning eCommerce website redesign with your choice of payment methods, product listings and an infinite number of customization options.

  • Wordpress Website Designing

    WordPress is hands-down one of the most convenient CMS platforms that makes it easy for a techie as well as a layman to administer the website directly through the admin panel. However, designing a WordPress website is a challenging task as not everyone understands how to integrate design with the technology. Lucky for us, our experience has taken us this far that we can design WordPress websites with finesse. We can redesign your existing WordPress website or design one from scratch, whichever way you like it.
    Want to know more about our offerings? Explore our creative solutions as the leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Auckland.

  • Branding and Logo Design

    We create logos to assist you in developing your brand and corporate identity. It's all about increasing the value of your brand's recall - representing a strong persona for your company and leaving a lasting positive impact on the world. The science of Logo Design necessitates a thorough research and planning process. We take the necessary time to get to know your brand, its personality, and its vision to ensure that you get the logo that your brand deserves.

customizing website according to customers goals

Custom Web Designing Just Got Better

For businesses that aim to stand the test of time and leverage their online presence, we’re one of the Best Website Design Company in New Zealand have unique web design skills in store for them.

  • Thought-out design structured to transform your website from an ordinary one into a revenue-generating machine.
  • Learning and implementing our learning about your goods, your goals, and your customers' pain concerns on your web design.
  • The design will adhere to tried-and-true best practices and will be devoid of clutter and distractions.
  • We'll use strong techniques like social proof to make the information compact, appealing, and engaging.

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Par Excellence Website Design With Results, Guaranteed.

Why Choose The Tech Tales As Your Website Design Agency
Our website designing services speak volumes about our professional approach and dedication to your project, while our skills and expertise go beyond creative boundaries. From our core team in India along with strong support of our headquarters in New Zealand, the sun never sets on Tech Tales’ diverse and global team.
  • shades of colour schemes for the webside design
    Beautiful Designs

    For a stunning, results-focused website design, we’re the team. Our Top UI/UX Designing Companies in New Zealand incorporates a user-friendly, SEO compatible design that your clients will like both now and in the future.

  • Customized user friendly designs
    100% Customized & Fresh Design

    You may wonder how every website looks almost the same. It's because many website designers use templates to develop their sites. But that’s not us. You will receive a fully customised design that is unique to your company.

  • customer care support icon
    World-Class Customer Service

    We want you to get the most out of your website so that it produces results for your company. As a result, our staff will provide you with great customer support both during and after the design process.

  • Rechecking website
    Unrestricted Design Revisions

    Our strategy is to do all we can to guarantee that you are satisfied with the design of your new website. One way we do this is by giving you an unlimited number of changes and professional help from our experts.

  • Quick proactive solutions
    Quick turnaround time

    We have a simplified procedure that includes expert teams at each level. This makes sure that we can meet the highest standards while still getting designs, revisions, and development done quickly.

  • Communication made simple
    Communication made simple

    Our staff will keep you updated on development at all times. We will also be proactive by giving you advice and suggestions on how to improve your website and help you reach your online marketing goals.

Our Website Design Process

Take a sneak peek at our secret mantra for a successful website design.

  • 01


    When you approach us for a website design job, we will spend time learning about your product or service. We examine your company's strategy to see where it fits in the market. We do competitive research and develop a digital marketing plan for your company.

  • 02

    Strategic planning

    The goal is to determine the optimal design style for your website. We do this by developing a scope of work, that includes conducting research on your audience, and then making a sitemap for your website's main offerings and sub-offerings. Every minute yet significant details of the project are included in this step.

  • 03

    Mockup And Initial Design

    In our website design services, we construct a prototype for your website after we have established your needs. The design of your website shows how your website's navigation will work and how the different parts of your site will connect. It defines the general design of your website's layout.

  • 04

    Creating a Website

    At this step, your website will be given functionality. Graphic components created during earlier phases will be utilised to construct your real website in accordance with the approved sitemap. Frameworks and CMS will be integrated on the server to install and set up everything without any problems.

  • 05


    Finally, the website is launched, and all files are uploaded to the hosting server. The website is now online and ready to work for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is so good about your web design services? +
    We are a website design company that has worked with both top-notch brands and startups to bring their business online. We provide complete support from the beginning to the end. Our team of website designing NZ works relentlessly to deliver the project as per your requirement.
  • What are the best web design services you offer? +
    We cover a complete range of web design and designing solutions for businesses of various backgrounds and industries. Whether you want to build a custom app for e-commerce, food delivery, tech, or lifestyle, our Top Website Design Company in New Zealand has the right fit of solutions for all your web design needs.
  • Do you provide further assistance after my website is developed? +
    Post-delivery services have been one of the crucial reasons behind the high-paced growth of our company. We strive our best to stand on the values and commitment of providing the best range of website development services across India and internationally. Furthermore, we are the marketplace for getting all your digital services like ecommerce designing, Shopify & others completed through our one-stop solution platform. Our Top Web Developers in New Zealand can get through any challenge with ease.
  • Do you do SEO for my website when you build it? +
    Yes, along with website design we are one of the Best SEO Companies in New Zealand that offers bespoke SEO services where we include items like setting up metadata, tracking, and analytics setup. Clients can also request quotes for other SEO services on a monthly basis for further optimisation. It’s important to work on the SEO of a website as it significantly brings in more traffic and conversions to your site.
    With our SEO Services in Auckland we can optimise your website for SEO, as it is one of the crucial steps that will increase the possibility of getting many leads.
  • How long does a website redesign take? +
    Redesigning a website may take time, but it would help generate more leads when done with the right strategy. When you plan to get website redesign services website redesign from an expert UX UI Design Company in Auckland, they can help you implement the best and most suitable techniques, as they have expert designers, developers, and content producers who can bring in better and improved results.
  • What happens if my site breaks? +
    Don’t make assumptions. The site may break down due to reasons like temporary problems, problems with web hosting, etc. Your site may have been hacked or might be down due to a technical error that needs to be fixed. We help analyse the problem that occurred and deliver solutions based on it. Our Website Maintenance Services in New Zealand can help you with technicalities and keep your website running 24/7.
  • How much does hosting cost? +
    Depending on the hosting service provider and the type of hosting you choose, the cost varies. Choose the best suitable hosting type and provider among the various options available in the market.