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Globally reputed and trusted by well-ensconced brands in the corporate realm, The Tech Tales sets itself apart as an emerging leader of WordPress web design services. With our essential knowledge and solid expertise as a WordPress development firm, we garner a vast customer base ranging from small business startups to huge companies.

The Tech Tales deploys traditional techniques while infusing new and innovation-driven approaches at the same time, completing all of it with its blend of crisp and accurately intelligent WordPress solutions, elevating authentic quality standards, and avoiding any oversights.

We bridge the gap between practicability and ambition, putting you at the top of your game. Our WordPress development and conversion services are built on an agile and tried-and-true methodology. Our WordPress website design services concentrate on integrating a variety of smooth and sophisticated aesthetic elements and nuances, as well as changing your corporate landscape for development and advancement.

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Here are some other services we offer for your ever-evolving website or online store

  • CMS Development - Leave your custom eCommerce, data management, enterprise, and other requirements to us and they shall be taken care of.
  • Theme Development - Do away with pesky templates and get a stunning WordPress theme from the top WordPress web development company to stand apart from the competition.
  • Maintenance & Support - Get a WordPress website that is optimised for higher traffic and can be managed with technical help.

WordPress Services At Our Core

We specialise in developing personalised WordPress solutions to give your company a competitive advantage.

  • WordPress Customization

    Complex websites or simple ones with a unique layout - we have got it all covered. Our team of designers and developers can create the perfect custom WordPress website from the ground up. We create plug-ins for various features, creating multi-faceted themes and templates, making them responsive across several devices, optimising them for SEO, and so on.

  • Woocommerce Development

    Blogs, an array of products, payment methods, and a versatile cart—you name it, and it will be yours. With our impeccable grasp of Woocommerce WordPress, we build a stand-alone e-commerce site that gives your customers a great shopping experience.

  • WordPress Blog Development

    Having content-rich websites is the key to more digital success and garnering more attention from your audience. And while you lay out your priorities on the blogs, we handle everything at our end. Our developers give you flexibility and freedom to make your website as rich as you want, whether you want an upbeat or minimalistic design for your blog.

  • WordPress Plug-In Development

    Managing your WordPress is critical. By developing tailored plugins for optimum functionality, we ensure that you are able to make the best of your website.

  • Wordpress SEO Optimization

    Our SEO experts will optimise your website for search engines to improve indexing and attract more relevant traffic. With our consistent audits and monitoring of your WordPress website, we establish KPIs and analyse them closely to fetch better results.

Hello From The Certified WordPress Web Development Specialists!

The Tech Tales has had a top-tier full stack web development team that has consistently delivered hundreds of extremely successful web development projects for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to VC-backed start-ups.

Our WordPress website designer team has been providing digital solutions for over 15 years now. From custom WordPress and online portals to WooCommerce websites and content management systems, we take care of it all!

  • Our foundation

    As a user-centred digital firm, we excel at creating meaningful, intuitive designs. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions that provide engaging experiences.

  • Interactive layouts

    We attempt to produce aesthetically appealing designs that prioritise the user experience. We create websites that provide a great user experience regardless of the device your visitor is using. And we accomplish all of this while maintaining a nicely designed website!

  • Future-ready development

    We have highly skilled developers that can make your next brilliant concept a reality. We may provide a tailored solution utilising the most up-to-date design and development processes to ensure your new website meets specifications and is adaptable to future changes.

  • Easy Administration

    We offer code and security assessments and maintenance to keep your WordPress website secure and up-to-date. We can bring a degree of dependability and assurance to any online endeavour, whether you have an established site or are just getting started.

  • Consistent monitoring

    We offer real-time monitoring and benchmark audits for search, performance, and security, allowing you to evaluate how your site compares to the competition. A website is a never-ending endeavour. We take the stress out of optimising your site so you don't fall behind.

Our WordPress Website Development Process

Here’s how we convert your ideas and inspiration into a visually appealing reality.

  • 01
    In-Depth Research

    Our execution is inspired by thorough research and analysis. We comprehend the competitive landscape, comprehend and document our clients' design and branding preferences, consult with all important stakeholders, and then develop a high-level mapping. This results in the alignment of end-user personas with business requirements.

  • 02

    To minimise misinterpretation, we place a strong emphasis on preparation and getting everything recorded. We scribble down how we want to continue, establish the project plan, including precise technical requirements, create the project's design and branding standards, and obtain confirmation and approval from the customers on the paperwork and materials.

  • 03

    Here, we create the user interface (UI) for all project screens based on the accepted wireframes and design standards. Our design goal is to best represent your brand and boost your internet visibility. We also make certain to provide a clickable prototype on the Invision platform. Prior to development, we create an interactive prototype that allows you to evaluate the user experience and model the flow.

  • 04

    At this stage, we address the need for frontend, backend, web services, and API development integration while also developing an Agile Scrum approach. We established a 2-3 week milestone/sprint frequency and included our customer evaluation in each milestone or sprint. At this point, our goal is to create an optimal, clean code structure.

  • 05

    Unit testing, manual testing, regression testing, security testing, automation testing, load and stress testing, performance, and code review are all part of our quality assurance testing step. Each sprint is tested by hand, and any problems that are found are reported and put on the product backlog. Once the bugs have been fixed, the final sprint demo is given to the customer for approval.

  • 06

    Finally, the website is launched, and all files are uploaded to the hosting server. The website is now online and ready to work for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have any expertise creating single-vendor websites? +

    Yes, we have approved agencies and suppliers to create single-vendor and multi-vendor websites.
  • Can I test my website before launching it? +

    Yes, we will only put your website live after you have completed a test run and approved the final design and functionality.
  • What kinds of websites do you create? +

    We are a WordPress web design company that has in-house resources with cross-industry development experience. So, we can make you many different kinds of websites, such as portfolio, e-commerce, educational, non-profit, business, and entertainment sites.
  • What programming languages do you use to create websites? +

    Our developers are adept at building websites utilising a number of website technologies, such as JavaScript and Ajax for frontend development, HTML and CSS for frontend development, and C#, Ruby, and Java, among others, for backend development.
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