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Have you ever thought about taking your business online? Now’s the time to make it happen.

eCommerce is just like any other website, except that it has extra features that you need to manage your inventory, handle checkouts, keep a price list, and so on. Basically, eCommerce is just like a virtual store.

Think of the costs you can save by preferring eCommerce: rent of the physical store, salary of salespeople and cashiers, offline marketing, and so much more. An eliminates all problems by being available to its customers at all times.

By 2040, 95% of your buyers will prefer eCommerce. The upcoming tech-savvy generation calls for a virtual store that they can visit at any time of the day.

But it doesn’t end here.

Your eCommerce website either makes or breaks your business. You may already know this, but whatever you have done till now is only burning a hole in your pocket, let alone meeting your expectations.

The more you think about it, the fewer opportunities you’re going to get. It’s time to get things running before your competitors sway away your customers. While you’re at it, get someone trusted, experienced and skilled to do the same.

As a leading eCommerce development company, we have a team of experienced eCommerce developers who are adept at building successful eCommerce platforms using cutting-edge technology and coding acumen. We aim to create the best eCommerce websites that can deliver the desired results.

Over the past 15 years, we have successfully delivered over 200 eCommerce websites worldwide, and we won’t let you down with yours. No matter what industry you work in, we can give you scalable eCommerce solutions that work well and bring in money without much work on your part.

Get your free consultation today & experience eCommerce development that takes away your business woes.

Paramount eCommerce Solutions For Your Unique Needs

  • Custom eCommerce Development

    Avail reliable e-commerce web development and customization services to build solutions that match the client’s requirements. We can create your personalised B2B or B2C eCommerce website that will have your choice of design elements, integrations like payment gateways, chatbots, and more. The best thing about custom eCommerce solutions is that you have unlimited customizations. Until you get your desired eCommerce website, we will be working round the clock.

  • Shopify eCommerce Development

    Whether it's a brand-new idea, a renovation of your existing eCommerce portal that's becoming difficult to manage, or a billion-dollar startup concept, our Shopify Development Services can help. With our in-house shopify developers at your disposal, we can help you build intuitive, sales-driven, and robust online stores as a leading shopify development company. With us, you can get your Shopfify eCommerce loaded with the latest features, for exhibiting your products on the web and selling online.

  • Woocommerce Development

    We've mastered WooCommerce custom development by understanding the intricacies of creating next-level eCommerce shops. With our in-depth understanding of WooCommerce site development, you can effortlessly integrate your choice of CTAs, blogs, and sales navigation to attract more customers. Get the benefit of adding custom plugins & payments options at your whim. With our cost-effective Woocommerce and on-going support 24*7, you can get assured of the best.

  • Magento eCommerce Development

    Magento (now known as Adobe Commerce) is an open-source eCommerce platform built on PHP. It allows merchants to create and manage their eCommerce stores. As a leading Magento eCommerce development agency, we utilise our honed skills and a significant range of tools and features that help businesses of any size get up and running on the platform with ease and start selling in no time. We deliver UI/UX rich end-to-end eCommerce solutions that help start-ups and retail businesses enter the digital world and gain profit.

Spearheading Your Business Growth With eCommerce

The world is evolving. Is your company reaching the 70% of people who now shop online? If you aren't, your competitors will be. eCommerce websites enable your company to reach a larger audience, whether locally, throughout New Zealand, or even globally. This is where The Tech Tales comes in. We are expert eCommerce web developers with eCommerce website development services to suit your business, whether it is an emerging startup or a large multinational corporation.

Whether you need a content-based introductory website or a database-driven eCommerce web platform, Shopify development, or a Magento ecommerce website, rely on us and you will be good to go! We believe one-size doesn’t fit all, so we strive to engineer personalised solutions for you.

Why Partner With Us?

  • dedicated project manager
    Single point of contact

    Choose The Tech Tales as your eCommerce development agency to get a dedicated project manager for all of your needs as a single point of contact. We assign an account manager to all of our projects to keep our clients in loop of our operations. This is why you can rely on us for 100% transparency and clarity.

  • real time resource avaibility
    Scalable operations

    When you pick us for the development of your eCommerce, we will assist you in meeting highly scalable needs with real-time resource availability in an intelligent manner. We know that your costs matter to you, and thus we deliver feasible solutions at reasonable times. Quality. We put our expertise at the service of our partners and believe in providing them the highest quality of service possible

  • time zone flexibility
    Rapid turnaround time

    We know the value of your time and hence we strive to cater to urgent delivery criteria with our swift deliverables since we have years of expertise supplying Website Development services. No matter in which nation you reside, we don’t let time zones hinder our productivity. Our time zone flexibility will be a plus point.

  • clients from across the globe
    Global Clientele

    We have gone a long way as a top eCommerce development company, having serviced over 700+ clients worldwide, including B2B and B2C clients. Some of our top clients are revered companies hailing from the NZ, UK, US, India & Canada. We aim to be a trusted partner, operating with honesty and in full transparency, never foregoing short-term results for long-term value.

  • trusted team of developers and designers

    Our experience of 15 years in eCommerce development shows through our portfolio and our past projects. Throughout our journey, we have helped many clients seize success with their eCommerce website, with a substantial increase in profits as well as heightened online presence. Our team of seasoned eCommerce developers and designers put their best foot forward to get your eCommerce running well.

  • piecing up exact digital marketing strategy as per requirements
    All resources under one roof

    We are a full-service digital marketing agency with a wide range of services to offer. SEO, SEM, SMO, web development, CMS development, e-commerce development, and mobile app development are just a few of the services we provide.

Innovative Features That We Can Add To Your eCommerce

It’s always great to amp up your eCommerce with highly interactive features that your customers may love. Here are some of the key elements that we can add to your website.


We develop AI-powered chatbots that engage with consumers to swiftly reply to their questions and deliver appropriate solutions.

CRM/ERP Integration

integrated CRM and ERP systems
CRMs from ERP systems like Salesforce CRM, HubSpot CRM, and custom CRM can be integrated into your site.

Integration with Points of Sale

automated sales and inventory management
We integrate a powerful POS system that automates sales and inventory management, hence removing the need for manual data entry.

Our eCommerce Website Development Process

The Tech Tales will provide a powerful eCommerce platform with all of the features you require to make your job easier. We meet your demands by creating a custom solution based on your specifications.

  • 01

    Information Gathering

    Best things begin with research. But prior to that, we are all ears to your requirements, expectations and scope of the project to move further. In this step, we accumulate every piece of information from you regarding your products, branding, target audience and other relevant elements.

  • 02

    Planning and Strategy

    This step focuses on in-depth analysis of your current requirements and aligning them with a fool-proof strategy developed to achieve your goals. We decide the best eCommerce technology and tools that will complement your business and then develop a wireframe that guides you towards the structure of your eCommerce website.

  • 03

    Designing Page Layouts & prototypes

    A couple of wireframes or prototypes are then sent to you for your approval. Full disclosure: we are absolutely okay with small adjustments and changing the design all over again. Whichever you choose, we strive our best to give you the design that you want.

  • 04


    After the approval of the design, we start integrating it into coding. The coding languages like HTML or PHP are simultaneously woven into the design to make the website fully functional and dynamic. Admin panels and plugins, and payment methods are added to make the eCommerce complete.

  • 05


    In this stage, we run simultaneous tests to ensure all-round consistency in the development of your eCommerce. We always keep your security on top priority, and thus keep a close watch on any errors or malfunctions that may take place. Finally, a last audit is done before launching your eCommerce.

  • 06


    Your eCommerce is ready to take off after all tests have been successful. Your eCommerce goes live and users access it on the web. After the launch, we also optimise your eCommerce on a regular basis as it needs maintenance to run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I get an eCommerce website? +
    People nowadays have very little time to go to real stores to buy stuff. They prefer to purchase online using their mobile devices or computers. Having an eCommerce for your business can assist you in capturing this market and keeping your clients up to date on all of your latest items and services.
  • How Do I Select the Best Platform for My eCommerce Website? +
    Before you begin your ecommerce web development, examine the following essentials to help you pick the right platform. We will cater the platform so that it fits right in with the kind of products you're selling. Some ecommerce systems can manage inventories and many product variants, while others cannot. Before deciding on a platform, we’ll consider the design possibilities, payment methods, site security, integration with other tools, features, and cost.
  • Why Is ecommerce necessary for Every Business? +
    Ecommerce has grown in popularity recently since it provides businesses with a variety of opportunities, ranging from marketing to expanding the selection of items that help produce revenue. With an effective and well-designed e-store, it's easy to set and reach goals, and you can also help customers around the clock.
  • What are the various types of Ecommerce? +
    Ecommerce, sometimes known as "online commerce," is primarily concerned with various sorts of commercial transactions. The four primary types of e-commerce businesses are business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), customer-to-business (C2B), and customer-to-customer (C2C).
  • How will you market my eCommerce website? +
    There are several approaches to this, the first of which is to advertise the site to all consumers. This will assist you in expanding your consumer base. in which your organisation invests should include your website URL. We will register your website with search engines and improve it to increase traffic to your site. Then, we will optimise its presence through our digital marketing techniques like SEO, content marketing, google ads, social media, and so on.
  • Are there any security risks associated with eCommerce websites? +
    We always keep three elements of security in mind while designing an eCommerce framework for you: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We devise a robust approach on your behalf to help safeguard the site and transactions. By including encryption mechanisms in all data transfers, we prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information.
  • Is there a size limit to my product or customer database? +
    As a result, there are no size restrictions. The most significant advantage of having an online store is that you can add an unlimited number of products and catalogues while also expanding your customer base as needed.