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Power up your online store with a stellar boost in organic traffic which yields more sales and ROI. Proven SEO techniques are all you need.

Hacking Sales Growth With Conscience: eCommerce SEO Agency

Businesses are going online, but it isn’t enough. With more than 80% of internet usage being for searching, getting your website to rank highly on search engines is important for the success of any business. People feel that e-commerce SEO is unnecessary for a small number of items; yet it is just as crucial for a huge firm or a large number of products.

If you want a marketing strategy that will work for a long time, you need to build links, improve your website, put out content, and get people talking about your product on social media.

According to research, more than 90% of consumers do not explore past the first page of search results when seeking a specific product or service. If you want to push your company's website to the top of search engine results, you must have a strategy in place to do it within a reasonable timeline. As the leading eCommerce SEO company, Tech Tales will be delighted to do this for you.

We don’t have any shortcuts or hacks to exponential growth, but we do believe in flourishing on consistency and knowledge. Our expertise has brought us here, allowing us to handle a large number of international projects.

Unrivalled eCommerce SEO That Builds Revenue, & Cuts Down The Hassles

We may not be vegans, but we love our traffic “organic”. We know how every business is different, and to get it ranked higher on Google, we put our best concepts into practice while monitoring every step of the way.

With our supreme ecommerce SEO services, you can only expect the best -

  • Growth Opportunities For Every eCommerce

    Every business is unique and requires a tailored ecommerce SEO plan. As the top ecommerce SEO firm, we make certain that our clients' business goals are always at the forefront of any work done on the website. The eCommerce SEO best practises for online stores are followed by us.

  • Increased Conversion Rates

    SEO tactics are always developing, and there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Every domain is distinct, as are our on-page SEO methods. The core part of this procedure is reviewing information on the homepage, product pages, and other supporting sites. To maintain the website searchable, a rigorous examination is performed.

  • Thorough Website Optimization

    Understanding the tech stack and utilising its capabilities for SEO is critical to a successful campaign. Our comprehensive technical eCommerce SEO services programme delves deeply into the technical parts of the website and performs all technical audits to maintain it healthy and search-friendly. A few, but not all, of the SEO components that we consider at this point include.

  • Improved ROI with Content Strategy For Ecommerce

    We develop excellent content that addresses your audience and engages them to make a purchase on the website using AI-powered intelligence. Our material is designed with your customers in mind, and it is all crafted to educate and attract the user to buy.

Get New Zealand’s Fastest Emerging Agency As Your eCommerce SEO Consultant

Our eCommerce SEO services are tailored to our clients' specific requirements. We get your desired results as we are New Zealand’s leading eCommerce SEO Agency.
See your revenues reach sky-high with one of New Zealand’s leading eCommerce SEO agencies.
  • Timely eCommerce SEO reports

    Enjoy password-protected access to monthly reports that highlight important KPI metrics such as organic traffic, visitor behaviour, and conversions. Our eCommerce clients receive detailed organic revenue and other eCommerce-specific KPI analyses. Our team can further tailor reports to your specific analytical requirements.

  • In-depth SEO task reporting

    Each month, you'll be informed of the services provided by our SEO team, the tasks completed, and which team members were involved. Even years after completion, completed work is documented for future reference.

  • Availability

    View our SEO team as an extension of your company, whether you're a busy eCommerce store or a large corporation looking to improve lead generation. If you have any questions, your SEO team is always available by phone or email. We schedule calls at least once a week or once a month to review our progress and ensure you are up-to-date on everything that has happened since our last communication.

  • Gearing up for next month

    We provide targeted SEO services with your company's goals and day-to-day operations in mind. Because eCommerce SEO services differ significantly from lead generation SEO services, strategies differ significantly between websites. At the end of each month, we go over the strategy for the next month. Keeping our clients on the same page is a top priority and critical to our success.

What To Expect From Our eCommerce SEO Services

A thorough data analysis is the key to a successful eCommerce SEO strategy but it requires a team of SEO Specialists– so, here we are!

  • 01

    Personalized eCommerce SEO Strategy

    Compile a list of keywords with high search volume to target in your SEO campaign. Our keyword lists are compiled using our extensive keyword tools and SEO industry knowledge.

  • 02

    Keyword Research

    Compile a list of highly-searched keywords to target based on search volume using our extensive keyword tools and SEO industry knowledge.

  • 03

    Optimization of eCommerce Website Speed

    Increasing the speed of your eCommerce website is a critical component of your SEO campaign. We will ensure that your website provides a positive user experience while also receiving high Core Web Vital scores in Google Search Console.

  • 04

    Complete SEO Audit for eCommerce

    A thorough audit of the entire website, including content, backlink profile, and other factors, will be carried out.

  • 05

    Strategy for eCommerce Content

    Our team will optimise existing content while also planning the ongoing creation of new relevant content. We'll conduct research to develop an ongoing content calendar that will align your team with ours.

  • 06

    Creating Internal Links

    It is critical to properly link content from one page to another within your website. We'll create quality content that internet users want to link to, resulting in a successful link building campaign that generates natural backlinks. This includes linking between categories, products, blog posts, and other resources.

  • 07

    Optimization of Categories

    Category pages are typically the top organic traffic generators for eCommerce websites. We'll set up your categories for organic success by using tried-and-true category page optimisation techniques.

  • 08

    Product Page Enhancement

    When customers are looking for a specific product, it is critical that you are found. Individual product keywords have lower search volumes but significantly higher conversion rates.

  • 09

    Conversion Optimization (CRO)

    We will make changes to your website to increase your eCommerce conversion rate and overall website usability. Advanced AB is carried out using a variety of conversion optimisation platforms and software.

  • 10

    Creating External Links

    Our content strategist will work with you to create great content that other websites will want to link to.

  • 11

    SEO Reporting and eCommerce Statistics

    Each month, you will receive a detailed monthly report of all tasks completed as well as eCommerce SEO metrics.

Our eCommerce SEO Approach

Our SEO professionals have established proven strategies and procedures that help our clients succeed every time after servicing 3000+ clients over the previous 12 years. Our SEO professionals dive deep into the process to guarantee that we exceed our clients' expectations and offer skyrocketing results.

  • Competitor Research

    No two businesses are the same, and their websites can never be the same. As the top eCommerce SEO agency, we create tailored programmes to suit your objectives. Our specialists work closely with you to understand your company's needs, industry, and ambitions. A detailed discovery document is made, which will be used as a guide for all future work.

  • SEO Website Audit

    On the basis of the finding, we begin investigating rivals, industries, and trends in order to develop a winning strategy. A thorough keyword research investigation is performed to identify low-hanging fruit and competitive keywords. Various third-party technologies are employed in the process to ensure that every research finding and plan is supported by facts rather than intuition.

  • On Page Execution

    Once the keyword strategy has been set, we will begin working on the website's on-page elements. In our ecommerce SEO programme, we communicate any modifications to be applied to the website with the customer. At this stage, all of the website's technical and non-technical parts are taken care of.

  • Content Strategy

    Creative and well-planned SEO optimised content is the prerequisite to get your eCommerce to new heights! It is required for a website to rank highly in search engines. To remain at the top of search results, a smart mix of corporate blogs, guest blogging, and so on is needed.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Tracking progress in terms of online sales, traffic, and keyword rankings is important to the program's success. The devoted staff of ecommerce SEO professionals regularly monitors success because all future initiatives are based on prior outcomes. As part of our 100% open policy, the customer is always kept up to date on what we find.

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