Content Marketing That Begets Your Digital Success

Let your brand’s voice echo in the realms of digital while you get a downpour of conversions with NZ's top content marketing strategy agency.

What Is Content Marketing

Ever wonder how websites increase their conversions?

Or why do some brands get to see their products fly off the shelf while their competition falls flat?

The answer to this is simple - and it is because these brands have smart marketers. Marketers with a witty, thought-out content strategy.

But if you are still unclear on what the content strategy is, we will enlighten you (no judgements!)

Content marketing is the process of educating your target audience in order to entice them to make a purchase decision and become your advocates. It is essentially how you present yourself, establish a presence in the minds of your buyer personas, and influence their psyche to believe in you.

There is opportunity to create valuable content for every type of audience, and thus there is opportunity for Content Marketing for every business.

Customer-centric & Result-driven

Every piece of marketing you create should get potential consumers closer to becoming customers, if not all the way to the finish line, else why bother?

So, if you are making content just because your competitors are, we’ll be honest - you are wasting your time, budget, and resources.

Also, keeping one in-house resource for content writing and marketing could be a huge bummer. With Google’s ever-evolving updates and last-minute client changes, your content writer will almost run out of breath trying to keep up with a shedload of work. It may save you money, but you can only enjoy it while it lasts :(

Plus, not all content tickles everyone’s fancy. It’s all a flop if you don’t know whether your audience actually likes your content or not.

We are here to bring an end to all these problems. Our team of experienced content strategists, marketers, and analysts is ready to deploy their skills at your command.

At The Tech Tales, we assist you in realising their full potential and increasing their market share.

Why Content Marketing Is Important After All

Content Marketing

While content may seem secondary to many businesses, it is one of the pillars that differentiate you from your competitors.

SEO & content writing both go hand in hand, and SEO optimised content is all about enlightening and engaging your visitors while also delivering on the keyword metrics that matter in order to convert your website into a lead magnet.

The days of adopting deceptive black-hat strategies to fool search engines into giving your website a high SEO rank are long gone. The game has changed - and it’s in favour of unique, fresh content that your audience will take out time to read.

Our skilled writers are the best choice for content writing services that will reach your target audience and produce conversions.

We have what it takes thanks to our considerable knowledge in keyword research and copywriting services that sing off the web pages. We'll persuade your prospective customers to sit up, pay attention, and click the all-important "purchase now" button.

Get Your Fair Share Of Conversions & Turn Them Into Money

With a witty content marketing strategy, you can:

  • Inspire - And sway your audience away by a cool breeze, before your competitors do.
  • Engage - Instil faith in your audience and let them obsess over you.
  • Sell - Get ready to be overwhelmed with conversions and sales coming your way!

Our Core Content Marketing Services

Bid your farewell to stale content for good- we are here to rescue you from mediocre writing with our fresh-brewed ideas & a penchant for uniqueness.

  • Article & Blog Writing - SEO content writing

    That is useful for educating your customers about your products/services/industry and improving traffic on your website.

  • Social Media

    Build your brand authority and establish trust among your audience while garnering more sales.

  • Website Content

    Attract your leads like a magnet with powerful and influential content on your website.

  • PR

    Spread the word with a well-crafted Press Release article on your brand. It gives an instant boost to your brand's presence and authority.

  • Email Marketing

    Never skip a beat and keep your subscribers posted on what’s new. Promote your business with our email marketing content strategy.

  • Copywriting

    Make the most of engaging copies and sell your product or service with a vast copywriting experience like ours.

  • Product Description

    Do-away with lame descriptions and get compelling marketing copy to convince your audience that your products are worth every penny.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing, But Better

Going above and beyond isn’t an option, but a decision that we take. The Tech Tales has a team of brainy content experts, all cohesively working to churn out productive results. With 16 years of working in the media and advertising industry, we’ve seen it all.

We’ve always kept a close watch on the market trends and have used insights to boost many brands that reached out to us.

Our contemporary approach is what keeps us ahead of the competition and makes us thrive despite the circumstances. By successfully executing content creation, we market the content on proven channels that connect your customers with your brand while improving ROI.

Great Content Doesn’t Come At A Price

End your content-related woes with our assistance. Our professionals will move heaven and Earth to boost your brand with their expertise.

If you have a brand with no prior content marketing strategy or want to improve the existing one, just know we’re a call away.

What You Can Expect From Our Content Marketing Services.

  • Analysis


    By utilising data, insights, and suggestions catered to your objectives, you can strengthen your marketing, develop better plans, and boost your ROI.

  • Personas


    By using segmented personas that make it simple to evaluate your content ideas, you can determine who you're attempting to target, what matters to them, and the material they desire.

  • Customer Journey

    Customer Journey

    That makes sure your brand says the correct thing at every stage, you can improve your marketing and drive customers closer to making a purchase.

  • Keyword strategy

    Keyword strategy

    By using LSI words and targeted keywords that improve SEO and draw the right audience to your content, to increase the visibility of your business.

  • Channel Planning

    Channel Planning

    By assisting you in matching content plans to objectives, channel planning may help you expand your audience and connect with the right individuals./p>

  • Content Roadmap

    Content Roadmap

    Plan for timely, captivating content using a content roadmap to create effective content.

  • Creative Recommendations

    Creative Recommendations

    Use well-prepared creative tips to create content that genuinely inspires and engages your audience.

  • Campaigning Planning

    Campaigning Planning

    Make a measured impact with campaign planning in order to captivate and engage your target audience.

  • Results Monitoring

    Results Monitoring

    To monitor your progress, fine-tune your plan, and achieve the required results, increase your ROI through the modelling of measurements.

Our Secret Recipe For *Crisp* Content

Great content is like a treat for the eyes that your customers will devour. We make sure that the content we deliver on your behalf is nothing short of a contagious, crystal clear manifestation of your business goals.

  • 01

    Sales, digital marketing, and content strategy: We build your brand and generate leads by understanding what you do best and what your customers actually want.

  • 02

    Conversion copy, technical writing, and lead magnets: We develop SEO-friendly web copy that drives sales, builds credibility, and positions you as a brand expert. Niche industries are not a problem!

  • 03

    Facebook funnels, Google Ads, and SEO: We apply our online marketing know-how to get the right people to engage with your content at the right time – at prices that make sense for your business.

Engage with Great Content!